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wipasnapa provides photo & video sharing solutions that fit with the way you like to do things.

wipasnapa photo sharing

our photo sharing features:

create an online photo gallery with Wipasnapa

easy-to-create blogs or simple web pages ('wipas')

At wipasnapa you create wipas - simple web pages or blogs which you use to upload and display your photos, videos and stories.

You can create as many wipas as you want. Once you've created a wipa, you add entries over time, with the most recent entry displaying at the top. Entries can include photos, videos, stories, or all 3! You can invite family & friends to share your updates and leave comments. Learn more about wipas or browse our demo wipas.

stunning wipa designs

stunning template designs

wipasnapa makes photo sharing fun and stylish by offering 100s of template designs for your wipa or simple web page.

There are themes to suit all tastes, lifestage and interest - from family to retro, baby to contemporary, travel to digital age... and more designs and themes are being added all the time.

If you find it too hard to choose, or if you would like to set up a series of wipas on different topics or interests, simply create multiple wipas and choose a different design for each one!

share your photo gallery online and via email

automated email updates to invited friends

Once you've set up your simple web page or 'wipa', you can invite family & friends to view your photos online. Each time you add a new entry in your gallery, you can choose to send automated emails to let them know there are new photos to view. The emails reflect your chosen wipa design - you'll be proud to send them.

5 photo display types

5 slideshows & other photo display options

Choose from our five photo display options to showcase your photos to best effect. And even better - every entry in your 'wipa' can have a different photo display type.

Our 3 slideshow options are perfect when you have a lot of photos to display. The simple slideshow has no controls - your viewers simply sit back and watch. The slideshow with carousel and slideshow with captions provide two other ways to make your digital photos look great.

If you have one or a few images to display, the large list display is your best option. And if the story is as important as the photos, the small list display gives more prominence to your captions.

In all cases, you can click on an image and a full-screen slideshow will open, making your wipa flexible, interactive and yet so easy to set up.

wipasnapa print centre

enjoy your photos in print

wipasnapa offers you one place for your photos. So once you've uploaded your photos and begun to build your archive, you can also enjoy your favourite photos in print. The wipasnapa print centre offers by online photo printing, photo gifts, photo cards & stationery, birthday cards and invitations, photo canvases and more. We are continually adding new, exclusive designs to our card and stationery range.